Why Hangry Ting?

Ever been so hungry that you get angry? Well, I am very guilty of feeling hangry at times! My name is Ting and I’m a Dietitian living and working in Sydney.

Hangry Ting is my little start up to share some of my favourite delights such as Pandan Chiffon cakes and Swiss rolls with everyone. I love how food can bond people and bring back memories of beautiful moments shared with my family and friends and I hope that my food can have that impact on you too. As a Dietitian, I have a good understanding of food, food allergies and intolerances. If you have any dietary requirements, feel free to contact me and I can make a cake specially according to the dietary requirements.

Every of hangry ting’s home bake goods are made to order which means you get the freshest produce of the highest quality. The cakes are made to the right amount of sweetness for indulgence with a little less guilt. Life is just sweeter with the right amount of sugar!